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Transparency Statement

This page includes all transparent disclosures about data protection, as well as the rights of the user or consumer with the obligated party and limits of liability for delay or failure to perform the service subject to the contract with the obligated party to provide it, including the reservation request, sending the ticket or reservation statement with the terms of the contract except Regarding the company's schedule changes, automatic additions, substituting an alternative airline or aircraft according to a code-sharing agreement, rerouting, price changes, flight disturbances, delay or cancellation of a flight or hotel reservation, in all normal and force majeure circumstances, and you, as a consumer, must have more accurate knowledge. Details about the terms of service itself, and the terms of the contract with the site from which you book, especially with regard to the cancellation and refund policy.

We do not sell tickets/bookings/etc., nor do we have a special payment system to receive payments. Our website only allows you to search for listing travel products, but you pay directly to our partners on their websites which contain their terms of services, and they are third parties. The only ones in the contract are the subject of the obligation with you as a consumer, unless the reservation document includes clauses stipulating the presence of other parties.

Digital services and embedded tools are provided for public use on this site, provided by travel service providers, tourism companies and platforms considered a third party whose services are subject to their own terms and independent privacy policy, which is disclosed on the service site.

The materials on this site are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied, and all such warranties are hereby disclaimed, including service interruptions, API malfunctions, natural disasters and force majeure.

We reserve the right to revise these terms at any time without prior notice, because we do not retain any private information in order to send notices to you. You must review and read the terms and agreements through our website, and we may indicate the date of modification on the page. If there is a material modification to the terms, it is considered Also, ignoring reading the terms and continuing to use the site constitutes an acknowledgment of non-objection and implicit acceptance of the terms as they are. If you do not accept any of the terms, you can simply exit the website and delete any downloaded tool.